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May 14th, 2009 in Alana by ladymadonna 0
alana_promo_hires_01_01Hi everybody!  I want to thank you all for your support, and I’m glad to be back, finally at full strength I believe.  I’m sorry for the semi-false start the first half of this year, and I’m determined to make it up to all of you by having a rip-roaring second half of the year.  Please enjoy the hi-res promotional shots in this post, which are normally only available in the member’s section, and let me tell you a bit about what’s going on with the website.             

The member’s section is now open – you may sign up for 1, 3 or 6 month recurring subscriptions, and enjoy all the benefits of membership – namely, tons of pictures and video of beautiful girls enjoying their cigarettes.  The new Lady Madonna store is completely secure and has many cool features, and I hope you enjoy browsing and using it.  While the store is still being built, and not all of the DVDs are available for sale just yet (though most of them are), all 3 types of subscriptions are available right now.  Join today!

jade_promo_hires_01_01What’s currently in the member’s area?  For starters, there is the complete historical archive of Lady Madonna material that was published from 2002 through 2007, as well as a great deal of video material that I created but never got around to posting during that time.  Every picture that was published is now available, as well as all the video that I edited during that time, whether it was published or not.  Forget the old days, when I only had the bandwidth to offer a rotating selection of video clips – all 800+ video clips are online right now, ready to be viewed and downloaded.  Ditto for the pictures – there are over 40,000 pictures available, including all the old favorites such as Melanie, Naveire, Dru and Jaqualine.

But am I just going to sit on my haunches and milk the old material?  Absolutely not.  I think that everyone is looking forward to something they haven’t seen before, so I am doing all new shoots of all new girls, plus some old favorites that I’m getting back into contact with again.  There are also many older shoots that I never got around to publishing, both in pictures and video, and I’m editing that material right now for posting.  So getting a membership today doesn’t mean you’ll only get old material you’ve seen already – it means you’ll get weekly updates of brand new material you’ve never seen before, right off the bat!  As a matter of fact, subscribers can now currently enjoy a couple of brand new picture portfolios of Melanie and Naveire, never before published and never before seen.  I’ve also posted brand new shoots of Jade and Rachel.  Best of all, these pictures are available in hi-res format, measuring in at 1728×1152.  There is also some new video coming shortly.

melanie_promo_hires_01_01So what does the future hold?  Basically, I’ll be focusing on re-mastering the best of the older material, getting some new shoots in the can, and publishing all new pictures and video in higher resolutions (HD video is also in my plans for the future).  Many people have asked the question, what can we expect from the new website in terms of updates?  Will it all be older material?  The answer is NO.  While I will be remastering the best of the old material and republishing in higher resolutions, I am putting a priority on getting all new material onto the website.  I’m a creative person, and there’s no fun in simply rehashing stuff I’ve already done before, so I’m excited to be working with new girls and getting lots of new pictures and video on the website.  I’m raising my standards as far as looks and smoking style goes, so you can expect the material to be pickier and of much higher quality as well.

Your support at this time is crucial – the only way to make the site bigger and better is to get plenty of support in terms of subscribers.  This isn’t a huge market in the first place, so every order counts, even if it’s just for a single month.  If you were a subscriber in the past, please consider joining again.  You can enjoy all your old favorites and look forward to acquiring new favorites.  If you’ve considered joining in the past, but never jumped the gun and then were disappointed when the site went down in 2007, thinking you’d lost your chance – well, now is your chance again!

rachel_promo_hires_01_01So that’s all for now.  I’m really excited to have the site up and running again, and you can count on weekly updates resuming as of right now!  Most updates will be made on the weekend, usually Friday or Saturday, and will be a mixture of pictures and video, new and old.  (The blog will update daily, so check back in every day!)  All of the archival material is available right this very second, as I do not believe in milking old material all over again, so a membership gives you instant access to more than 40,000 pictures and nearly 1,000 video clips right now!  Please consider joining, and if you can’t join, don’t forget to use my link any time you shop at  Thanks, and I look forward to sharing some great smoking glamour material with you all once again!