Naveire at…

May 15th, 2009 in Naveire by ladymadonna 0

As some of you may know, my secondary fetish is leather, and so I’ve opened a new blog called Pretty In Leather and I invite you to pay a visit!  I’ll be putting lots of original photography over there, and sometimes there will be crossover between Pretty In Leather and Lady Madonna…and this is one of those times.  Feast your eyes on Naveire in a black leather skirt while smoking her trademark Marlboro 100s, in full hi-res glory.  This is the resolution you’ll see all the new member’s photos at Lady Madonna in, so consider joining today.  Here are a trio of hi-res samples, and you can find 5 more over at Pretty In Leather.  Enjoy!

naveire_in_leather_hires_01_04 naveire_in_leather_hires_01_06 naveire_in_leather_hires_01_08