Asian smokers…

May 17th, 2009 in Cailen by ladymadonna 4

Personally, I love Asian girls.  I love their skin tone, the fine texture of their hair and their dark, mesmerizing eyes.  And Asian smokers rule – they have so many diverse and often unusual styles.  They smoke in ways that American girls never seem to think of.  There are so far only two Asians featured on Lady Madonna (I will always be trying to add more), but they are lovely smokers with great styles.  Please enjoy these samples of Cailen and Celeste.  As always, there are plenty more in the Gallery (and video too), so come pay a visit for more, or sign up for a membership to see their full repertoire.  Enjoy!

cailen_20090516_01 cailen_20090516_02

celeste_20090516_01 celeste_20090516_02