New member section, and instant access at last!

December 10th, 2009 in Dru by ladymadonna 0

Hi all, I hope everyone is having a good holiday season and enjoying good cheer! I’ve got some very big news today, and I hope everyone finds it as exciting as I do. First up:  new member’s section! I have done away with the slow, outdated gallery I was trying to use, and instead went […]

About remastered photographs…

May 23rd, 2009 in Dru by ladymadonna 10

Hi all, I hope everyone enjoyed the update with Dru yesterday!  Remastering Dru’s portfolio was a lot of fun and I was very pleased with the results, but I know that a lot of you have questions about what remastering actually means.  I think everyone has grasped that part of the remaster is the difference […]

Weekly update for 5/22/2009 – Dru 1

May 22nd, 2009 in Dru by ladymadonna 5

Hi all!  It’s about time to bring one of Lady Madonna’s all-time most popular models (and one of my personal favorites) to the new HQ (hi-res, high quality) section of the Gallery, so I’m pleased to bring you Dru 1, a remastered collection of Dru smoking in a very sexy LBD (Little Black Dress).  Dru […]

Dru’s “pink shirt” video…

May 21st, 2009 in Dru by ladymadonna 31

The Dru “pink t-shirt” video is often cited by e-mail correspondents as among their favorites, probably because Dru looks so darn cute in that pink t-shirt.  The sun was behind her making for some wonderfully illuminated smoke, and of course her smoking style is without peer, so it’s no wonder this video turned out so […]