Q: What makes your website stand out from other smoking glamour websites?

A: Though there are several excellent smoking glamour websites out there, we feel that the quality of our models and photography are a cut above. All of our models are seasoned professionals who are real smokers, making them both authentic and highly photogenic. Our photographer is a long-time professional and member of the SF community who genuinely understands the attraction of smoking glamour, uses vivid and varied locations that compliment the subject, and knows how to capture images that bring out the personality and attractiveness of our models. Finally, our web designer has been producing commercial web applications for nearly 10 years, and has worked with some of the biggest names in internet commerce. In other words, this is no fly-by-night operation looking to cash in a quick buck – we’re an organization that takes great pride in its work, has a genuine enthusiasm for the subject matter, and will not settle for anything less than the highest levels of quality and professionalism. We work hard to make sure that you, the customer, ultimately benefit by being able to enjoy the highest quality product we’re capable of producing. You are the most important component of our organization, and we appreciate your business!

Q: What will appear on my bank statement?

A: Your charge will show up as LM Productions.

Q: How are your products packaged?

A: Discreetly – no covers and no labels, just blank CDs and DVDs in empty cases.  We understand that discretion is important to our customers, and we do everything we can to accomodate that.  If you have any special requests with regards to this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We can package your product pretty much any way you want.

Q: How often do you update the site?  How often can I expect to get a new portfolio?

A: The site is currently on hiatus from regular updates, but I still make occasional updates as time allows.

Q: What is your privacy policy for your e-mail list?

A: Our privacy policy is very simple:  we don’t share your information or e-mail address with anyone, ever.  Your privacy is complete and absolute.  If you sign up for our e-mail list, you’ll receive updates and news a couple of times a month, and that’s it.  If you ever want to be removed, simply drop us a line.

Q: Do you offer video products?

A: Yes, we offer DVD video products for your enjoyment.

Q: Do you offer videos in PAL format?

A: Sorry, we don’t.

Q: Does your work contain nudity?

A: Sorry, but it does not.

Q: Do you do custom work?

A: Sorry, not at this time.

Q: Lighting is important in smoking glamour. How good is yours?

A: Mother Nature takes care of the lighting for most of our shoots. We prefer a natural image that looks true to real life.  We do try and make sure to use lighting and background such that the smoke is easily visible.  On indoor shoots, we use professional lighting to make the smoke highly visible.

Q: Does your work contain cork or white filtered cigarettes?

A: Both.  You should generally be able to tell from the samples what is offered in a particular model’s portfolio or video, but of course you are always welcome to e-mail us asking for more details.

Q: Does your work contain Light or Regular strength cigarettes?

A: Again, both.  We try to use the model’s regular brand, and this is listed on each model’s biography page.  Again, you may e-mail us for more details if this is important to you.

Q: What brands of cigarettes do you use in your work?

A: Whatever the model normally smokes is what we tend to use, and this is indicated on each model’s biography page.  Note that we do not favor or advocate any particular brand of cigarette, nor do we endorse smoking.  End of gratuitous disclaimer.

Q: Is shopping online safe?

A: Lady Madonna Productions places security as its highest priority.  We have taken many steps to ensure that any payment information taken on-line is processed confidentially and accurately.  We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology, which is the industry standard and among the best software available for secure payment transactions.  Your transactions (including credit card information) are “scrambled” so that security is never compromised.  The encryption makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized parties to read any information sent to us.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: Simply log into your PayPal account, go to your Profile and click on Recurring Subscriptions.  From there, you can cancel your subscription.  Your site access will remain in place until your subscription runs out, even if you cancel in the middle of a month.

Online Subscription Ordering Information

What exactly does a subscription get you?  For starters, it gets you complete access to our archive of online portfolios.  Further, it also gives you access to new portfolios as long as you’re a member.  Lastly, it gives you access to our video clip archive.  We add new portfolios and video clips every weekend.

Access may be interrupted when we are updating a display or experiencing technical difficulties. No warranty is made regarding access. Please report repeated access difficulties to us – we will do our best to take care of your needs.

We can manually issue access details for online portfolios if you prefer to use mail order instead of ordering online.  Simply print the online order form and fill it in, then send to our mailing address.

All photos on this website are protected by copyright, and redistribution of photographic material is strictly prohibited.  Do not share your access details with anyone, or you will lose access and may suffer legal penalties.  This does not, of course, apply to the free photo samples found on the model pages, which contain a copyright notification and web site address.  These pictures may not be altered in any way, but you are free to distribute unaltered sample photos as you wish.

If you find your password is rejected, try it again later – carefully check that you are exactly typing the correct details. Also check that you don’t have caps lock on your keyboard and that the keyboard is set for English language (these are the two most common access problems – typos will also see your request rejected, so please take care typing in details).

If you are still rejected try again tomorrow and repeat the above procedure. If after several such attempts you are still rejected please e-mail us.