Paris undercover…

March 2nd, 2014 in Featured by ladymadonna 1

Another oft-requested model for the undercover treatment is Paris, and she does not disappoint. Dangling a cigarette while removing her skimpy top, Paris reveals a sight to behold. Current members can enjoy this picture portfolio here, and non-members can enjoy the freebies below. Want to see more? Sign up for a membership right here!    

Merry Christmas from Kristy and Michelle!

December 25th, 2011 in Featured by ladymadonna 3

Hi everyone, and happy holidays to you! As a little Christmas gift, I’d like to introduce you to Kristy’s little sister, Michelle.  Michelle recently turned 21, and is every bit the tobacco connoisseur that Kristy is; in fact Michelle is the one who introduced Kristy to the pleasures of hookah smoking, along with the wide […]

Melanie smokes in front of the fire…

December 11th, 2011 in Featured by ladymadonna 3

Apologies for the brief break the last couple of weeks, so let’s have a multiple update week, shall we?  First up, some classic Melanie, laying in front of the fire on a cold winter evening, in a purple dress while enjoying a cigarette.  Members can see her full portfolio here, and non-members are welcome to […]

Paris smokes in nothing but her bra and undies

November 3rd, 2011 in Paris by ladymadonna 2

Paris is an auburn-haired beauty with a super voluptuous body, featuring a pair of the most nicely sculpted breasts you’re ever likely to feast your eyes on. And she’s not shy about showing them off in a set of lacy red bra and undies, all while smoking her cigarettes in a shaft of sunlight coming […]

Rachel smokes in a pink nightie…

October 23rd, 2011 in Featured by ladymadonna 0

Here we have Rachel in a brand-new portfolio, smoking a Marlboro Light 100 while relaxing in a pink nightie. Rachel is a fairly heavy smoker at 2+ packs per day, and she was one of the few models who smoked in between takes. While most models “save” themselves for the shoot and take breaks from […]

Melanie smokes in a black leather jacket…

October 16th, 2011 in Melanie by ladymadonna 2

The painfully beautiful Melanie has rarely looked better than during this shoot, in blue jeans, a tight t-shirt and a black leather jacket. There’s nothing quite like a pretty girl smoking a cigarette in black leather, and Melanie has glad to oblige us all with an intoxicating display of deep drags, thick in-your-face exhales and […]

Paris smoking in lacy lingerie…

September 30th, 2011 in Featured by ladymadonna 0

24-year-old Paris has an amazing body with a D cup size, and she’s not shy to bare it in this pictorial, nor is she shy about smoking in her underwear.  Paris brought a wide assortment of undergarments to her photo shoot and she had fun picking out her favorite pieces to go with her cigarettes. […]

Melanie smokes in blue jeans and a blue sleeveless blouse…

September 25th, 2011 in Featured by ladymadonna 2

Here are a few samples from Melanie’s newest portfolio, a set of all never-before-released pictures.  As Autumn begins, I thought it would be most appropriate to celebrate the new season with our favorite auburn-haired, blue-eyed beauty, relaxing with a cigarette in simple blue jeans and a sleeveless blouse.  I have a lot of unreleased Melanie […]

Sarah in a plaid skirt, enjoying a cigarette with a girlfriend in blue jeans…

June 21st, 2011 in Featured by ladymadonna 0

Thought I’d climb back into the saddle with an old favorite of many visitors, Sarah, in a never-before-published portfolio featuring Sarah and her friend that came along for the shoot.  While Sarah’s main solo shoot has been posted before, I took a set of shots of Sarah on a smoke break (yes, a smoke break […]

Rachel smokes in a cut-off t-shirt

January 2nd, 2010 in Rachel by ladymadonna 1

Happy new year!  We kick off 2010 with a brand new hi-res portfolio of Rachel in festive party clothing enjoying her Marlboro 100s Lights. Rachel is a heavy smoker who was a lot of fun to shoot on camera. She had great endurance and was able to go on for hours, and we’ll all be […]