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Naveire | 48 Minutes | Music Soundtrack
Naveire (pronounced nah-vee-AIR) is a young, unbelievably beautiful smoker with a strong smoking style who needed little direction in putting on a sexy performance for this 48-minute video.  A one-plus pack per day Marlboro 100s smoker since her teens, Naveire shares 12 of her cigarettes with you, wearing a variety of outfits, including glamour dress, lingerie, tank tops, leather skirt and jacket, and springtime fashion.  Her personality is cool and sexy, and she incorporates smoking perfectly into her sweet-natured charm with a style that features french inhales, thick cone exhales, drifts, nose and combination exhales, and much more.  A truly beguiling beauty, Naveire was shot and edited exclusively in digital format, and costs only $30 on high-quality DVD.

Bonus!  DVD includes a nearly 3-minute sneak preview slideshow of Naveire's upcoming photographic work.  Stayed tuned after the main feature to view.

Sample video clips (click to download):

Sample video stills (click to enlarge):

All videos are produced on high-quality DVD format.



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